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Christian Love Series


The Experience of Every Christian

SKU: 17-christianlove Category: Date: 4/23/2017 Scripture: Luke 17

Product Description

In this eight-part exposition of Luke 17, Pastor Mike guides us through the teaching of Christ that highlights the various facets of genuine Christian love. 

Christian Love-Part 1 Loving God’s Holy Standards Luke 17:1-2
Christian Love-Part 2 Loving God’s Flawed People Luke 17:3-4
Christian Love-Part 3 Loving God’s Faithful Promises Luke 17:5-6
Christian Love-Part 4 Loving God’s Challenging Work Luke 17:7-10
Christian Love-Part 5 Loving God’s Undeserved Mercy Luke 17:11-19
Christian Love-Part 6 Loving God’s Invisible Kingdom Luke 17:20-21
Christian Love-Part 7 Loving God’s Coming Kingdom Luke 17:22-25
Christian Love-Part 8 Loving God’s Gracious Patience Luke 17:26-37


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