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Enlisted Series


Responding to God's Call

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As God unfurls his redemptive plan in the Gospel of Luke, he begins in the first chapter by enlisting a group of servants who will play an important role in the advancement of Christ’s kingdom. This imperfect team of men and women reminds us how God graciously and effectively utilizes faithful, available and teachable Christians to do great things for his glory. 

Enlisted-Part 1 Luke: God’s Diligent Student Luke 1:1-4
Enlisted-Part 2 Zechariah: God’s Doubting Senior Luke 1:5-23, 62-64
Enlisted-Part 3 Mary: God’s Humble Teenager Luke 1:26-56
Enlisted-Part 4 Elizabeth: God’s Unexpected Hero Luke 1:24-25, 39-45, 57-66
Enlisted-Part 5 John: God’s Leader in Training Luke 1:13-17, 66, 80
Enlisted-Part 6 God: The Tactical Recruiter Luke 1:46-55, 67-79


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