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Presenting Christ Series


Called & Prepared to Share the Gospel

SKU: 13-presenting Category: Date: 5/5/2013 Scripture: Luke 4:14-44 Tags: , , , , , , ,

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While you may not picture yourself as an evangelist, there is no escaping the fact that God calls all Christians to take the message of the gospel to those around them. Many nervously dodge this privilege and responsibility, in part because they don’t feel adequately prepared. Thankfully, in Luke 4:14-44, we can acquire a lot of training and confidence as we study Christ presenting his own claims to the people in his childhood hometown of Nazareth, and then to those in his new neighborhood of Capernaum. 

Presenting Christ-Part 1 The Role of the Holy Spirit Luke 4:14-15
Presenting Christ-Part 2 The Use of Scripture Luke 4:16-21
Presenting Christ-Part 3 Dealing with Objections Luke 4:22-30
Presenting Christ-Part 4 Jesus as Judge Luke 4:31-37
Presenting Christ-Part 5 Jesus as Deliverer Luke 4:38-41
Presenting Christ-Part 6 Staying on Task Luke 4:42-44


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