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Your Role in the Harvest Series


Evangelism in Every Day Life

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Regardless of how we feel about evangelism, if we are recipients of Christ’s gracious forgiveness then we are called to extend that good news to those around us. As scary as that may be for many Christians, Jesus supplies us with all the adequate provisions and with the proper perspective, which can enable us and motivate us to make an eternal difference in the fields to which God has assigned us. In this encouraging verse-by-verse study of Luke 10, Pastor Mike exhorts us to eagerly accept our role in the harvest. 

Your Role in the Harvest-Part 1 Learning to Care About God’s Fields Luke 10:1-2
Your Role in the Harvest-Part 2 Taking Risks to Reap for Christ Luke 10:3-9
Your Role in the Harvest-Part 3 When Your Efforts Don’t Yield Fruit Luke 10:10-16
Your Role in the Harvest-Part 4 When You’re the Farmer of the Year Luke 10:17-24
Your Role in the Harvest-Part 5 The Importance of Costly Cultivation Luke 10:25-37
Your Role in the Harvest-Part 6 Workers Who Keep First Things First Luke 10:38-42


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