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Grieving Over the Sinfulness of Sin-Part A
Luke 15:11-13

Message Description

We must see sin for the grievous and scandalous rebellion that it is so that we can learn to rightly appreciate and celebrate the gracious salvation which God grants penitent sinners.

Series Description

It is easier than we’d like to admit to become complacent about the dreadful spiritual predicament of the non-Christians all around us. Sadly, we can gather to celebrate and sing about our own salvation without much concern for the salvation of others. In Luke 15 Jesus reminds us that there is no place for this kind of attitude in the Christian life. Using three parables, Jesus persuasively teaches us that there is no greater joy than seeing lost people repent of their sins and receive the abundant forgiveness provided by our gracious God. This six-part series will readjust your hearts concerning the profound joy of salvation.

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