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Biblical Preaching

Biblical Preaching

A consistent intake of challenging biblical preaching is essential for your spiritual growth. The Bible tells us that we cannot be the maturing and discerning Christians God wants us to be unless we are ingesting thoughtful biblical exposition when we gather. Peter equated biblical preaching to the necessity of “food” in our spiritual lives (1Pet.1:25 – 2:3). The writer of Hebrews adds that if your meals are always simple and elementary you will remain infantile in your faith (Heb.5:12-14).


If you hope to be a strong, astute, useful follower of Christ, biblical preaching will be a key ingredient. While some forms of preaching may seem more palatable to our personal tastes and desires, what we truly need are sermons that challenge our thinking, lead us to honest introspection and drive us to step up and step out for Christ in a way we never have before.


While this kind of preaching may not tickle our ears, it will be the type of weekly spiritual training that will reap eternal dividends as we make growth, and not comfort, the goal of our instruction.

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  1. Dear Pastor Mike,

    I just finished preparing this week’s Bible study on Ephesians 2:4-10. As we work diligently through that wonderful epistle, it is like digging for treasure-some is in plain sight and some is buried deep. It seems that every time I preach a passage or teach through a book of the Bible, the treasure just gets better each time. The Bible doesn’t change, but we do as we work from milk to meat in conforming to Christ, and growing in grace. Thank you for sticking to expository preaching, and for unashamedly preaching the Word “in season and out of season.” Your preaching does change lives through the power of the Holy Spirit–benefitting both preacher and listener. Thank you for your consistent honoring of the Word and preaching it with great power. And thank God for Focal Point Radio!

    In Christ, Bob Freeman, Clarissa, MN

  2. I couldnt agree more. The church i attended for many years, i came to Christ and was baptized in this church, was greatwhen i was a baby christian. But, it just seemed that it was what i needed as a new christian and, to me anyway, it seems the sermons are directed to new believers. I thank the Lord for placing me there because it was what i needed. But, i left that church searching for more. I’ve tried other churches hoping to find that ‘spiritual meat’that i need to grow. As of now, i dont really have a church home. The one i feel i would get what i need is in another city. I hope to relocatw to that city eventually but at this time i continue to pray and search.
    May God continue to bless your ministry.

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