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Body Parts

Body Parts

“The parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable,” the New Testament repeatedly tells us (cf. 1Cor.12:22). Of course, “the parts” God is trying to get us to appreciate are those people within the “body” of the church who are doing their jobs in less visible ways than the preacher and the worship leaders. This important principle has two primary implications: 
First, if you discover that the skill set God has given you will not land you on a church platform, you should nonetheless give yourself wholeheartedly and enthusiastically to the role he has enabled you to fill. The church will never become the healthy and productive “body” it is intended by God to be until “each part is working properly” and all Christians apply themselves to master and maximize their individual contributions (Eph.4:16; 1Pt.4:10-11; Rom.12:6-8). 
Secondly, if each of the less-visible roles are in fact indispensable, then every committed and participating servant in the congregation should be appreciated by all the others (1Cor.12:12-27). This can be a challenge, because when Christ’s servants are “less visible” they are easy to overlook. But as this New Testament principle requires, let us resolve to see them, acknowledge them, appreciate them, and encourage them.

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