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Christianity Attacked

Christianity Attacked

It seems that almost daily we Christians have to endure a new barrage of attacks against the Christian faith. Tirades on websites, new books pitted against the Bible and angry dissenters continually grabbing microphones and keyboards to unleash their latest arguments against the Christian God. 
While their presentations are delivered in intellectual terms, it is important to notice how often their diatribes are predated by their own moral departure from the boundaries of Christian ethics. Remember Demas turned on Paul, Christ and Christianity after it was noted that he fell “in love with this present world” (2Tim.4:9). The academic attacks upon Peter’s preaching came from those who had already fallen “in love with the gain of wrongdoing” (2Pt.2:15). 
The modern critics of Christianity may argue in intellectual terms, but God has often warned that the reasoning of our mind usually follows after the loves of our heart (1Tim.6:3-5). It’s not that we shouldn’t respond to their arguments in intellectual terms, it’s just that we must always be aware and at some point address the connection between the “lure and enticement” of unchristian morality and their antichristian arguments (2Pet.2:1-3; Jms.1:14-15).

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