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Daily Struggle

Daily Struggle

While we would all love to imagine a Christian life that is tranquil and calm, the truth is it’s not. The Bible is clear that this side of heaven every Christian has been drafted into battle. We are, after all, called to live for Christ in a world that is skeptical of our faith, disparaging of our values, and at enmity with our God. Add to that, we all must live for Christ in a physical body that is beset with a variety of selfish and sinful inclinations. Any hopes of tranquility will have to wait for a resurrected body and an address in the New Jerusalem. This, by the way, is why we find so much metaphorical use of military themes in the New Testament. When the Apostle Paul describes his fellow Christians and ministry colleagues he refers to them as “fellow soldiers” (Philippians 2:25; Phile.1:2; 2 Timothy 2:3). Near the end of his life lived for Christ, Paul looks back and writes, “I have fought the good fight” (2 Timothy 4:7). So if you are surprised by your daily struggle, don’t be. Let’s discover contentment as we accept the current forecast. Let’s grasp God’s promised peace amid the conflict. And whatever you do, don’t lose heart. God has promised us victory.

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  1. Concise instructions for the true race we run. Though I think of giving up, I thank GOD, through Christ Jesus, that he reminds me to keep on trucking! Though often I’m drive in the ditches his words, my map, pull us up and out of them.

  2. This is great encouragement for our daily struggle. As a military veteran, I appreciate the metaphorical use of military themes God’s Word. Thank you Pastor Mike!

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