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Excuse Making

Excuse Making

We live in a culture of excuses. Our generation is skilled at making them because excuses have become increasingly accepted as a means to evade blame and avoid responsibility. Excuse-making is nothing new. Adam and Eve are described as making them in the wake of their first transgressions. But the problem for them, as well as for us, is that excuses don’t work—at least not with God. 
While there may be many things that help us to understand why we’ve sinned, the Bible is clear, there really is no excuse. Our acts of rebellion, whether plotted or impulsive, are repeatedly said to be “without excuse” (Rom.1:20; 2:1; et al.). This is helpful and freeing in many ways. Instead of our futile attempts to craft a long list of imaginative excuses each time we fall, we are called to be honest. As unpleasant as it sounds, we should get in the habit of responding with sincere contrition and genuine repentance, boldly accepting the fault—completely. 
Few things please God more than honest people who humbly accept responsibility for their actions (Ps.51:17; 1Jn.1:8-9; Ps.32:5). God is compassionate, he is intimately acquainted with our weaknesses (cf.Ps.103:13-14), what he wants from a stumbling saint is a heart that chooses to never make excuses.

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