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The New Testament Gospel is a message of “freedom,” not from an expectation to keep the rules, but from the just and deserved penalty of our sin. All too often Christians bandy the words “free,” “liberty” and “freedom” but with an altogether unbiblical understanding of what we are “freed” from. Jesus said that if we love him we will keep his commandments (Jn.14:21) and that if we don’t it proves that we know nothing of his grace and forgiveness (1Jn.2:3-4).


The freedom that the Bible speaks of is the kind that one would refer to if his death sentence at San Quentin were commuted by the Governor and he were “set free” without the just penalty of his transgression being carried out (see Rom.8:2 with 6:23). Praise God we are free! May we never cease to serve and obey our gracious Redeemer who has freed us from the consequences of our sin!

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