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God’s Involvement

God’s Involvement

Some say that those of us who do not believe that God continues to regularly suspend natural law in our presence the way he did through the apostles and prophets in Scripture, somehow “put God in a box” or seek to diminish his work in the world. But if you think it through, it is actually quite the opposite. Those who ardently seek the supernatural alteration of “nature’s laws” are usually relegating the non-supernatural intervals to those times “between God’s work.” They imply that when God sees us “backed into a corner” he then “shows up” to bail us out or make a statement for his glory.


But consider those of us who claim that God is active and at work every day, in every situation, working “everything after the counsel of his will” (Eph.1:11). We will be the ones inclined to proclaim that “his mercies are new every morning” (Lam.3:22-23) and that every day “the heavens declare the glory of God” and that “day after day they pour forth speech” (Ps.19:1-2). We will be the first to recognize that God is always working powerfully and sovereignly within the natural laws that he made, never surprised by our circumstances or the dilemmas of our lives.


We will be apt to affirm that he sovereignly guides us through the challenges of our lives and that Christ indeed “is before all things, and in him all things hold together” (Col.1:17). There will be no doubt as we trust our wise and mighty God that “in him we live and move and have our being” (Ac.17:28).

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  1. Dear Pastor Mike,
    What a timely message for my family this AM. My 6th month old grandson is undergoing a urological correction surgery right now your blog came through. I sent it to my son Jeff and daughter-in-law Robin. Jeff serves as college pastor at Grace SLO in San Luis Obispo. And while they both follow Christ, times like these as you WELL know, our reliance on the fact that God is involved in the natural laws of us all as well, gives such comfort and peace. Thank you.

  2. I agree with God working in our lives continuosly, I count on It and believe I have many instances of God ordained events. However, While I have never experienced a supernatural miracle (although God ordained events are unexplainable by science), I know those who claim to have experienced supernatural events, I read about them as well. Should I assume they are all lying, nuts, or misled. I have a hard time saying “until further notice, God will not be doing supernatural miracles, period”. What about healings? those are supernatural. Are we saying God presently does not heal?
    I admit, I would like to see indisputable miracles but wonder if I would believe them if we did? There is a skeptic in me, but does that mean God does not do supernatural things?

  3. I think there is validity to both. I do not think that those who believe G-d to “show up” in a tough situation with a supernatural miracle are denying that The LORD is working in our every day situations for His will to be done. I do not mean to be contrary, but this article sort of seems like an “us” verses “them” . I certainly have heard of God doing the miraculous at our prayer meeting, from praise reports that come in from all over the globe. And I also have heard from the same prayer meeting and the same pastors that run said prayer meeting, that G-d is working everything out for your good and His Glory, and is present in every little thing, working out His will. It is an assumption, in my opinion, to think that one who believes G-d to do the miraculous and is open to seeing it, denies that this same G-d would not be working in every little detail/situation/etc. and present every morning with His mercies. This is my opinion from my observances, however I thank you for your devotional that often is very helpful.

  4. the Greatest Healiing is being saved, secured in His Spirit, all our sins washed away by the blood of Christ!! Born anew by the Spirit of God and now His Love lavished children!! This is a Certain foundation for all who are saved. Then from this, so important Foundation, we cast confidently all our cares, and requests upon our Great Abba Father, and then live in the Spirit trusting the outcomes to Him, yet Live in Him in our life here. Our mindset has to stay upon Him though, and not a “lust for our perceived outcomes to have to come true….” things here can go awry, in our view… but He allows these things to happen for reasons we might only know in Heaven.

    Praise God for His forever Spiritual Blessing now ours in JC, (the Greater Blessings of all Blessings!!!) and praise Him for the temporal blessings He bestows on us (the lessor blessings) Amen in Jesus Name!!!

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