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If It Feels Good

If It Feels Good

Countless Christians have warned of the folly contained in the well-worn phrase, “If it feels good, do it!” But this warning should be applied to more than just the indulgent physical pleasures that would transgress the bounds of righteous and godly behavior.


We ought also to be cautious of the doctrinal statements and many assertions about God that “feel good,” yet lie outside the bounds of biblical truth. In the age of social media, trite declarations about God abound. It seems many work hard to create the most pleasant and heartwarming statements possible about Christ and Christianity, and that their readers live by the rule: “If it feels good, accept it!” The problem is, of course, that the arbiter of truth isn’t how a God-statement makes us feel, but whether it squares with God’s self-disclosure found in his word.


Just because certain assertions about God warm our hearts, we must be careful not to indiscriminately embrace clichéd platitudes and unwittingly create an imaginary theological world that has little or nothing to do with the God who is.

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