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Injustice & Vindication

The world is filled with injustice. Our lives at times seem to be filled with it too. While we should always seek to pursue justice for the sake of the One who embodies it (Ps.97:2), there are many times when equitable solutions are not attainable this side of heaven. Thankfully, God has promised that every wrong will one day be made right (Lk.18:8). In the meantime, amid the difficult and painfully “unfair” situations we experience, our challenge is to live out the directives found in 1 Peter 4. God’s word says: “don’t be surprised” (v.12), “rejoice” in the future vindication that is ours at Christ’s return (v.13), “don’t be ashamed” of being unjustly treated (v.16), “commit yourself to your faithful Creator” knowing he sees all and will one day hold everyone accountable for their actions (v.19a), and purpose to “continue to do good” (v.19b). This may seem to be a hard string of imperatives to follow in the midst of our pain, but at least we know the target and we can be assured that God is ready to empower those who resolve to obey his word. So when it seems “all wrong” don’t lose heart, follow God’s instructions and one day God will vindicate his children.


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