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In the Book of Proverbs God poignantly underscores the harm associated with laziness. Even the word translated in our Bibles to describe such people carries a stinging admonition. God calls us “sluggards” when we fall into patterns of being undisciplined, idle or unduly lethargic. “That’s not me” we may be quick to say, but Proverbs insightfully points out that it is hard for “the sluggard” to see his own problem. One reason is because “the sluggard” is a master of excuses.


When we’re lazy we can make up millions of reasons for not doing what we know we should (Pr.22:13; 26:13). Add to that “the sluggard” is said to be “wiser in his own eyes than seven men who can answer discreetly” (Pr.26:16). Pride often keeps us from admitting that we have settled for an undisciplined lifestyle. When laziness is true of us, God wants us to own it (Pr.6:9). He would have us see that many of the unpleasant circumstances in our lives are no one’s fault but our own (Pr.15:19).


May God, in his grace, create in us a spirit like that of his Son. May we be known for our discipline, diligence and willingness to do our “work with all of our hearts, as working for the Lord” (Col.3:23).

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  1. Listen to your radio show daily on my way home from work. Nothing like God’s word and the good preaching of it to revive me after work.

  2. Pastor Mike you do such a fantastic job, and I just want to say thank you for all that you do. This quote and your sermons are truly that which GOD has called us to do. Thank you and God Bless you.

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