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Relationship God’s Way

Relationship God’s Way

The newspaper recently reported that what people are looking for these days is a “spiritual” experience without any “religious” guidelines. That’s nothing new, so were Adam and Eve. We tend to want a relationship with God our way. The problem is “our way” is “sin” – which by definition is the lack of conformity to “God’s way”. God and his holy standard are what they are. Wishing or wanting it to be the way I’d prefer it won’t change the reality of God and his revealed standard. The goal of biblical Christianity is to see our thoughts, hearts and lives conformed to what is holy, just and right – according to God’s definition. Which, believe it or not, is best. And because God, the perfect One, has made us for himself, in the end, what is holy, just and right will be exactly what we want. In our fallen state, human desires are all over the map, but when God restores his children, first internally at regeneration and then externally at his coming, we realize that God’s commands “are sure and altogether righteous… more precious than gold… and sweeter than honey” (Ps.19:9-10).

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  1. Thank you for your commentary stating the truth which I believe gets lost and muddled in most Sunday sermons. It is sad that so many have forgotten God’s promise that if you live and follow his commands life will be prosperous, free of sickness and suffering and you will have the relationship with God all who seek Him desire. The truth is clear if one will go back to the beginning and READ the Bible. So much biblical teaching has become sound bites, talking points and misquotes of scripture. Worse are the circumstances where people have decided on their own that God has changed with the times and become a liberal in our feel good society. Yet the Bible states he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I applaud your stand to wake up those who have ears that will hear. Thank you for your effort to remind us all that God is not here for our pleasure… Its the other way around.

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