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Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light

Jesus was clear that he has no interest in “covert Christians.” He expects our commitment to him to “shine” forth in everything we do. He has no tolerance for tasteless garnish and lamps with opaque shades (Mt.5:14-15).  He says that Christians who blend in are “good for nothing” (v.13).


It is no surprise that Jesus was not impressed with Nicodemus who wanted to chat with the Christ under the cover of darkness (Jn.3:2). Jesus knows that our standing up and standing out would make a difference for eternity as those rightly effected will one day “praise our Father in heaven” (Mt.5:16).


So if it’s possible that those around you don’t know why you live, think and talk the way you do, be sure to fill them in that you have been changed, and that you continue to change, because you have become a follower of Christ.


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