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Unwittingly we often come to church expecting to hear the preacher affirm what we already know and commend what we already practice. And for the growing Christian that is sometimes the case. But more times than not, the word of God forthrightly preached will in some way and to some extent work to adjust, reshape, modify or overturn our preexisting thoughts and behaviors. That is what God promised would happen when sincere and receptive hearts encounter the “sharp two-edged sword” as it is boldly wielded from faithful pulpits (Heb.4:12; Jms.1:23-25; Mt.7:24-27). 
As one bygone theologian put it, “God speaks to us on his terms, invading and disrupting what we have known and taken for granted.” So when the proclamation of God’s word is internally disruptive or feels like an assault on your familiar preconceptions, that is a good time to gratefully realize that the Holy Spirit is using the Book he wrote to shape, mold and transform you into someone who is less like the old you and more like the holy Son of God.

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