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There is a lot of noise in this world. Everywhere you turn people are telling you what to believe, how to think and how to live your life. It can be confusing and sometimes we are unsure about who or what to listen to.


You know Jesus faced the same kind of noise when he came to earth. Whether it was about religion, politics, finances or cultural issues, Jesus had a group opposing him. In each encounter Jesus exposed their problem…their hope was misplaced.


Watch and see how Jesus dealt with the noise in his world to give us hope on how to respond today.


Hope Misplaced: Sadducees

The Sadducees placed their hope in this present world. They didn’t believe that God was sovereign over his creation nor did they believe in a resurrection. Watch as Pastor Mike shares how Jesus directed the Sadducees to where true hope is found.

Hope Misplaced: Pharisees

The Pharisees’ adherence to the Law started out as a way to earn favor with God and they placed all their hope in it. However it soon morphed into a means for control and wealth, which they were continually chastised for by Jesus. Pastor Mike takes a look at Jesus’ encounters with the Pharisees and how he points them to true hope.

Hope Misplaced: Zealots

The Zealots were a militant group who placed their hope in a new political system led by the Messiah. Jesus shatters their dream of a coup and shows them that true hope doesn’t reside in a new government.

Hope Misplaced: Herodians

There is an interesting group that shows up in the Bible usually aligned with Sadducees. The Herodians were tied to the royal rulers and they placed their hope in the status quo…they didn’t want anything to change. Pastor Mike looks at how Jesus changed everything and where true hope can be found.

Hope Misplaced: Noise in this World

There is a lot of noise in this world. Opinions, agendas, debates and arguments confuse and distract us…leaving many without hope and feeling tossed in a stormy sea. Christians can point the way to real hope and provide an anchor in this turbulent storm.

Your gift helps those who depend on Focal Point to anchor them in the truth of God’s Word. So please help us continue to explore and proclaim the depths of Scripture to a hopeless world.

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