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Angels and Demons Series


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A Biblical Study of Angelology

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From beginning to end the Bible emphatically and consistently affirms a separate class of beings, distinct from both humans and the three Persons of the Godhead. These beings are classified as angels, of which there are two types: elect and evil. While some groups in church history have become obsessed with angels and demons, our goal in this study is not to become preoccupied, but rather to systematically learn what God has revealed about these beings and to understand what we can about the role they serve in God’s overall plan. Listen in as Pastor Mike digs into God’s word to uncover the truth about angels and demons.


Angels & Demons-Part 1 The Existence & Origin of Angels Various
Angels & Demons-Part 2 The Nature, Position & Classification of Angels Various
Angels & Demons-Part 3 The Angel of the Lord Various
Angels & Demons-Part 4 The Organization & Destiny of Angels Various
Angels & Demons-Part 5 The Ministry of Angels & God’s People Various
Angels & Demons-Part 6 Guest Speaker Not a Part
Angels & Demons-Part 7 The Names of Satan Various
Angels & Demons-Part 8 The Position, Power & Activity of Satan Various
Angels & Demons-Part 9 The Reality and Nature of Demons Various
Angels & Demons-Part 10 The Present Work of Demons Various
Angels & Demons-Part 11 The Demonization of People Various
Angels & Demons-Part 12 God’s People and the Defeat of Demons Various


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