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Apologetics Series


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Defending Your Faith in Everyday Life

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In a culture that is increasingly hostile toward the true God and his authoritative word, Christians, now more than ever, need to be ready to stand up for the truth in a strong, intelligent, and diplomatic way. Pastor Mike will equip us to make a defense in the face of today’s unfounded attacks against Christianity and the Bible. Don’t miss this important time of study as we gather each Thursday night to prepare ourselves the tough questions people ask about God and Christianity.


Apologetics-Part 1 Why Study Apologetics? Various
Apologetics-Part 2 Proof of God Various
Apologetics-Part 3 The Bible Controversy Various
Apologetics-Part 4 The Bible Controversy Cont’d Various
Apologetics-Part 5 What About Miracles? Various
Apologetics-Part 6 Who Is Jesus? Various
Apologetics-Part 7 Did the Resurrection Happen? Various
Apologetics-Part 8 Is There an Afterlife? Various
Apologetics-Part 9 Is There a Hell? Various
Apologetics-Part 10 Evil in the World Various
Apologetics-Part 11 Evil in the World Cont’d Various
Apologetics-Part 12 Christianity the Only Way? Various
Apologetics-Part 13 Apologetics Q&A Various

1 review for Apologetics Series

  1. Arthur Kettelhut

    A very well organized expository on apologetics. Highly recommended.

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