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Ask Pastor Mike-Paying Taxes


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Obedience, Honor & April 15th

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Pastor Mike answers the question: Why do we have to pay our taxes if we don’t like what the government is doing with our money?

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  1. Douglas Rima

    My question is when the Pharisees ask Jesus if we should pay our taxes. And Jesus said whose face and inscription is on the coin and the Pharisees replied Caesars then the Lord at that point said well give unto Caesar that wich is Caesar’s. well that money and monetary system was designed to be Caesars. Our money and our government was never designed that way. We owned our money we controlled our government. but as most of you can agree we no longer control our government. our monetary system was taken over buy a private organization called the Federal Reserve. So my question is, is they are breaking the law doing what they’re doing . They’re breaking our own laws. We separated from England because the bank of England was created and started robbing the people blind and also by the oppression of the Catholic Church but considering Christians that did not agree with their views as criminals. Now we have about ten times more taxes then we ever did when we separated from England. And the same people who own the bank of England also control the Federal Reserve. So our government and our banks have been infiltrated and taken over. that is where I am confused. Our money and our government was designed to be ours and ran by us. It no longer is that way and they are breaking laws by doing what they are doing. If anybody does enough research they would come to the same conclusion I believe. Thank you so very much for your time and please have a wonderful day and God bless

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