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Ask Pastor Mike-What About Traditions?


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Ask Pastor Mike: What About Traditions?

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Ask Pastor Mike: What About Traditions?


Pastor Mike answers a question about traditions and what role they play in our lives as Christians.

1 review for Ask Pastor Mike-What About Traditions?

  1. Kai Vang

    I am a commandment keeper and in it a Sabbath keeper. I am very surprised to say to hear this audio on the radio 90.7fm in MN 10/30/16. I am pleased to hear people talking about the Sabbath especially on a radio that never talked about the Law or the Sabbath on that radio show. That being said, just as Mike mentioned on the title about “traditions,” it’s ironic how many churches nowadays keep the Sunday day worship (which I came out of recently). The bible clearly states to kept the commandments and Jesus himself kept the commandments! Yet many protestant churches tend to think Jesus did away with the commandments and other various things. Anyone who loves Jesus ought to keep the commandments just as John 14:!5 mentioned “If you love me OBEY my commandments.” But yet most people forget the Sabbath and ironic how Exodus 20:8 says to “REMEMBER the Sabbath day….” because most people will forget.
    Such traditions as keeping the Sunday, the 1st day of the week, is not biblical. As a matter of fact, we should consider thinking how did is this tradition of keeping the Sunday of worship came to be? The answer is in the Bible. God isn’t a God who tries to confuse his people rather he freely gives truth to those who seeks him. We as a church ought to read the bible and seek the truth because the tradition from keeping Sunday as a worship day came from the Roman Catholic Church. As a matter of fact, they changed it from Saturday (Sabbath) to Sunday as Daniel 7:25 mentioned.
    Ultimately I pray with an earnest heart that people would “come out of Babylon” or come out of the Sunday church (Roman Catholic Church). Revelations clearly depicts the end is near. And sure enough I want to keep the true day that God ordain as a Sabbath rest not a day that man think is best for their day. End is near. Let’s prepare our hearts for Jesus coming! Amen. And thanks for reading.

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