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But I’ve Always Been a Christian


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Exposing Myths about Sin & Salvation
Audio CD Only

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We need to have a clear, biblical understanding of what it means to be a Christian amidst the lies that Satan spreads about getting right with God.

1 review for But I’ve Always Been a Christian

  1. Tom Bois

    This is an excellent summary of how many of us fall for Satan’s greatest lie: we are redeemed and saved because we attend services and lead a virtuous life that is filled with more good than bad – “scales theology”. Many of us lead good lives, respond to altar calls, begin reading scripture and even acquire extensive biblical knowledge. However, we may not be redeemed and regenerated. True regeneration comes from true repentance. True repentance is the act of turning away from the secular lifestyle of independence and selfishness and trust in ourselves and placing our full and complete confidence in Christ. It is a mental turning around and re-prioritizing.

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