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Compass Non-Negotiables Series


A Closer Look at the Eight Values of Compass Bible Church

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Pastor Mike examines a variety of New Testament passages that make up the eight core biblical values of Compass Bible Church. In this five-part, he helps us sharpen our focus on why the church exists and how God’s word directs Compass to be all that God has called the church to be. 

Compass Non-Negotiables–Part 1Staying Focused On God’s Purpose for the ChurchMatthew 28:18-20
Compass Non-Negotiables–Part 2The Centrality of Scripture & Expository Preaching2 Timothy 3:12-4:4
Compass Non-Negotiables–Part 3Knowing the Real God & the Real GospelJude 1:3-4
Compass Non-Negotiables–Part 4Prayerfully-Reliant & Highly Committed ParticipantsColossians 1:9-10
Compass Non-Negotiables–Part 5Sacrificial Leaders & Replicating Ministries2 Timothy 2:1-7


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