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God’s Church Series


5.0 (2 reviews)

The Beginning of the New Testament Church

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Through the centuries the Church may have been misunderstood, criticized, maligned and persecuted, but in Acts 2 we are reminded that it is God’s Church, established on the truth of Scripture, under the authority of the risen Christ. In this five-part study, we are reminded what an honor and privilege it is for each of us to participate in God’s Church.


God’s Church-Part 1 The Miraculous Launch of His Church Acts 2:1-13
God’s Church-Part 2 The Prophetic Anticipation of His Church Acts 2:14-21
God’s Church-Part 3 The Invincible Lord of His Church Acts 2:22-36
God’s Church-Part 4 The Life-Changing Message of His Church Acts 2:37-41
God’s Church-Part 5 The Unrivaled Fellowship of His Church Acts 2:42-47

2 reviews for God’s Church Series

  1. Susan Brown

    Thank you for preaching the truth straight from the scriptures. I have always believed that tongues meant languages, not unintelligible speech. I have listened to many of your sermons. They have helped me grow in my knowledge of God’s plan for us.

  2. Caleb R

    Excellent information as always! I’m so thankful for Pastor Mike Fabarez and his dedication to teaching the truth of God’s word. Thank you!

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