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God’s Expatriates Series


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Living for Christ in the USA

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Throughout Church history Christians have had to grapple with trying to define the role of national governments in their lives. They have had to work to come to a proper understanding of the relationship between Church and state. At times Christians have seen themselves as completely independent, choosing to disdain and despise human governments. At other times Christians have sought to thoroughly intertwine the two, wrapping their Christianity in their nation’s flag. In this important five-part series, Pastor Mike explores the critical balance between these two extremes. He walks verse-by-verse through this central passage in Romans 13 which speaks clearly to this perpetually relevant topic and discovers how to live as God’s righteous expatriates, right here in the United States of America. 

God’s Expatriates-Part 1 God’s Surprising Use of Governments Romans 13:1-2
God’s Expatriates-Part 2 Human Laws & Christian Conduct Romans 13:3-4
God’s Expatriates-Part 3 When Earthly Kingdoms Clash Romans 13:4
God’s Expatriates-Part 4 Obedience, Honor & April 15th Romans 13:5-7
God’s Expatriates-Part 5 Elections, Activism & Civil Disobedience Various

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  1. Dominique Carlson

    This series needs to be part of every homeschoolers curriculum for high school, and for those who are older but have yet to study this series. “God’s Expatriates” is timely (timeless) and highly insightful and instructive. I’ve listened to it over and over and each time I glean something new. Now that we are at war with what some folks label as a nationless enemy, this series, especially the third installment, helps to define, biblically so, a Christian’s role on the world stage. I will be purchasing this series for friends and family to listen to in the hopes that they will also share this message and perhaps we will be more attuned to God’s will and not sit idle. Thank you, Pastor Mike, for your obedience.

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