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Judgment Day Series


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Making Absolutely Sure We Are Ready

SKU: 08-judgment Category: Date: 10/19/2008 Scripture: Romans 2:1-29 Tags: , , , , , , ,


Judgment Day may sound like an antiquated fundamentalist threat, but the Bible says it is a very real and fast-approaching appointment that has been scheduled for every person on the planet-whether they planned for it or not. By God’s grace we can be ready. But we’ll never be ready if we don’t ponder the its coming reality. In this six-part study of Romans 2, Pastor Mike show us where God gives us his inspired instructions regarding the coming day of his judgment and how we can be sure we’re ready for it. 

Judgment Day-Part 1 Being Totally Honest About the Problem Romans 2:1-3
Judgment Day-Part 2 Making Sure You’re Repentant Romans 2:4-5
Judgment Day-Part 3 Paying Close Attention to Your Deeds Romans 2:6-11
Judgment Day-Part 4 No Excuses About the Man in the Jungle Romans 2:12-16
Judgment Day-Part 5 Learning to Hate Hypocrisy Romans 2:17-24
Judgment Day-Part 6 No Hiding Behind Religious Trappings Romans 2:25-29


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