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Passing the Baton-Part 2a

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Avoiding the Common Sins in Parenting

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Biblical Insights for Parenting the Next Generation

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1 review for Passing the Baton-Part 2a

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    michael kennedy

    Thank you Mike for this latest sermon; I was listening while eating my lunch and thinking,” it was God’s timing again”. I have recently been reminded from the Lord to keep becoming more like Him and including now, with you, putting Him first over all, especially our children. Last Saturday I met a younger man out of the Pentecostal church (he doesn’t believe in ALL their teachings), and he was the one reminding me that our main goal is to become more like Jesus. (yes on being more like Jesus, but I was in the Charismatic churches 10 yrs; lots of dangerous beliefs in there ) I love to see when and how God shows me the things I need to work on (but not always), letting me know I really do belong to Him. I’ve learned about the negative prodding God can do with us (sermon from J.MacArthur), and so far I haven’t had to fight Him on too many things as yet…but I know I might be a little too long in my actions sometimes. One time I lost it when my mouth said a bunch of expletives (worked construction). When I wanted to apologize to my crew, I bit the inside of my mouth and tongue about 6 times-…so I knew where that correction came from, big time; YEEOWW! But, I’m still not the man I used to be…let’s just hope I can speed it up. Anyway, just wanted to touch base and say I enjoy listening to you because you have been “right on” on all you say…and it’s so convicting; it’s just hard knowing I got some more homework I gotta do. lol
    Thanks again and may God continue to bless you as you bless us. MKK—St. Louis, Mo. 63385

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