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Preparing for the Kingdom Series


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Submitting to the King and Getting Ready for His Reign

SKU: 14-preparing Category: Date: 3/16/2014 Scripture: Luke 7:1-8:3 Tags: , , , , ,


Jesus taught us to pray with anticipation for his kingdom to come. Obediently, the early church made this their enthusiastic expectation and longing. Unfortunately, after many centuries much of the modern church has all but forgotten that this world is not our home. In Luke 7:1 – 8:3 we learn a lot about what it means to rekindle that desire for Christ’s coming kingdom, and be preparing ourselves and our generation for his promised return. 

Preparing for the Kingdom-Part 1Anticipating the Defeat of DiseaseLuke 7:1-10
Preparing for the Kingdom-Part 2Awaiting the Defeat of DeathLuke 7:11-16
Preparing for the Kingdom-Part 3Making Sure We Don’t Miss the KingLuke 7:17-23
Preparing for the Kingdom-Part 4Learning to Listen to the King’s ProphetsLuke 7:24-28
Preparing for the Kingdom-Part 5Excuses that Interfere with Our PreparationLuke 7:29-35
Preparing for the Kingdom-Part 6The Hallmark of the Spiritually PreparedLuke 7:36-50
Preparing for the Kingdom-Part 7Teaming Up to Prepare Our GenerationLuke 8:1-3


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