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Questions & Answers 2016-Part 2


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Question & Answer Service

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Pastor Mike answers questions on the Bible, God and Christianity

Questions from this service:

1. Deaths as a result of accidents – is this God’s will or not, even though God is sovereign?
2. Tribes of Israel – what people have melted into the lost tribes?
3. Matthew 18:20 – for where 2 or 3 come together in my name – does that work on the internet?
4. Where was Christ immediately after the crucifixion?
5. How to define a false teacher?
6. Predestination – discussion
7. Book of Job – who are the sons of God?
8. John 1 – those who receive Jesus have right to be called sons of God – other places we are called adopted.
9. How can we proclaim the Gospel legally in a government setting such as a schoolroom?
10. Does Prayer changes Gods mind?
11. Moses wanted to see Gods face. What should we expect to see in trying to see God’s face?
12. Ken Ham – age of the earth. What is Pastor Mike’s thoughts on this?
13. What do you think about physician assisted suicide?
14. When do you know as a parent when you can believe it is okay to baptize your child?
15. Current evil in the world – though shalt not kill – law enforcement – is it okay to kill?


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