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Questions & Answers 2016-Part 3


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Question & Answer Service

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Pastor Mike answers questions on the Bible, God and Christianity

Questions from this service:

1. Foreknowledge vs predestined – Romans 8:29
2. Who do we evangelize to?
3. Political – why is the church remaining silent during all of these crazy times?
4. Theological question related to people questioning Orthodoxy of Bruce Ware & Wayne Grudham
5. Philosophical question relating to the meaning of “person” in the Trinity.
6. What happens to souls of people that pass away that never heard about Jesus?
7. Story about the Ark and why God smote Israel related to handling of Ark.
8. How to handle persecution?
9. The Apocrypha – explain why it was included in the Catholic Bible.
10. Salvation and Baptism and Noah’s Ark.
11. Eternal Punishment – is Christ receiving eternal punishment?
12. How do we as Christians view other Christians that view differently what interpretations of the Bible are correct related to such things as end times.
13. Universalist question – why did God create people he knew that would go to hell?


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