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Questions & Answers 2018-Part 3


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Question & Answer Service

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Pastor Mike answers questions on the Bible, God and Christianity

Questions in this service:


1. 1 Peter 2:18 thru 22 – Another Pastor did not want to preach on this and preferred to skip it. What does Pastor Mike think about this.
2. Rev 14:6-11 – is taking the mark of the beast an unpardonable sin. Secondly, what happens to that person if after taking the Mark, they repent?
3. A child raised from the age of 2 by a parent that is unloving and hateful and is now 62. As a Christian, is the person required to love his parent?
4. Why is Satan released one more time after he has been chained up?
5. Revelation referring to Babylon seems to be referring to the Roman Catholic Church. Please also talk about the King James Bible only people.
6. How are we to understand the Bible’s direction as it speaks about helping the needy.
7. In Job, how can God allow satan to come into His presence?
8. Please talk about those people that point to the Bible as proof that the world is flat and that it is other than what we think it is. Also, what should be the defense for this and what resources should we point them to?
9. Where do you draw the line when distress or anxiety is okay?
10. Student would like a clarification on works.
11. Does more faith bring better prayer results?
12. Question relating to the prophesy of Zechariah and Jerusalem.



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