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Salvation is a Big Deal Series


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Understanding the Implications of Justification by Faith

SKU: 09-bigdeal Category: Date: 9/6/09 Scripture: Romans 5:3-21 Tags: , , , , ,


Being made right with God through faith in Jesus Christ is more than some religious conviction or spiritual belief. It is the core concern of the Book of Romans and the fundamental necessity of every person who hopes to avoid God’s exacting justice. Being made right with God, or what Romans 5 calls being “justified,” is the most important and meaningful truth any person can comprehend or appropriate in his or her life. In this six-part study as Pastor Mike walks us through the fifth chapter of Romans and helps us see that being justified by faith changes everything! 

Salvation is a Big Deal–Part 1 Appreciating Our New Status Before God Romans 5:1-2
Salvation is a Big Deal–Part 2 Taking Hold of a New Perspective on Our Problems Romans 5:3-4
Salvation is a Big Deal–Part 3 Celebrating God’s New Disposition Toward Us Romans 5:6-8
Salvation is a Big Deal–Part 4 Getting Excited About Our New Destiny Romans 5:9-11
Salvation is a Big Deal–Part 5 Understanding Our New Break with Adam Romans 5:12-14
Salvation is a Big Deal–Part 6 Reveling in Our New Alliance with Christ Romans 5:15-21


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