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Sexual Sins & Sanctified Bodies – Part 3


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How To Live in a Body You Don`t Own

SKU: 03-12 Category: Date: 4/6/2003 Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Tags: , ,


A Holy God owns our bodies an so we should live in them with Him continually in mind.


1 review for Sexual Sins & Sanctified Bodies – Part 3

  1. Mark White

    Wow, what excellent biblical insight into sexual immorality, the ramifications of venturing into this territory. He also illustrates a preventative theological understanding that as a Christian God has so much more to say than you are just having sex, the physical act. As a Christian and pastor, this is a message I need to revisit over and over again! In this sexual revolution, sex is viewed as anything but something that God has a plan for in order to bring fulfillment. While the entertainment industry slides down the slippery slope of 50 shades of perversity, Pastor Mike brings us right back to the most fundamental biblical principles of what true sexual fulfillment is with a relationship of the opposite sex! May you learn and grow.

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