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The Black and White on Gray Areas Series


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Staying Connected and Being Considerate

SKU: 11-grayareas Category: Date: 10/30/2011 Scripture: Romans 14:1-23 Tags: , , , , , , ,


Far too many churches have had the unpleasant and destructive experience of seeing a set of debatable issues produce two polarized factions, one being scolded as “Libertines” and the other being criticized as “Legalists”. The good news is, it doesn’t have to happen to us. In Romans 14 God provides us with a set of timeless instructions about how to maintain our civility and our unity as we learn to foster biblical love, mutual respect and sincere consideration for one another. In this five-part series Pastor Mike exposits this essential section of God’s word.


The Black and White on Gray Areas–Part 1 Sorting Out God’s Orders from Our Opinions Romans 14:1-6
The Black and White on Gray Areas–Part 2 Living In Light of Our Coming Judgment Romans 14:4-12
The Black and White on Gray Areas–Part 3 Choosing To Be Done With Selfish Living Romans 14:7-9
The Black and White on Gray Areas–Part 4 Working Harder At Love & Unity Romans 14:13-21
The Black and White on Gray Areas–Part 5 Keeping a Clear Conscience Romans 14:22-23


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