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The Defeat of Death Series


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How God Solved Our Inevitable Problem

SKU: 19-defeatofdeath Category: Date: 1/20/19 Scripture: Luke 24:1-53 Tags: , , , , ,


The importance of the resurrection of Christ cannot be overstated. A factual, historical, and physical resurrection of the dead body of Jesus is the bedrock of Christian theology, the biblical message, and humanity’s hope. In this important cap on our lengthy verse-by-verse study of the Gospel of Luke, Pastor Mike takes a closer look at how God solved our inevitable problem by utterly defeating death on our behalf.


The The Defeat of Death-Part 1 The Centrality of the Resurrection Luke 24:1-12
The The Defeat of Death-Part 2 The Argument for the Resurrection Luke 24:13-35
The The Defeat of Death-Part 3 The Nature of the Resurrection Luke 24:36-43
The The Defeat of Death-Part 4 The Message of the Resurrection Luke 24:44-49
The The Defeat of Death-Part 5 The Anticipation of Our Resurrection Luke 24:50-53

1 review for The Defeat of Death Series

  1. Sue

    I’d like to know more about life/death: what happens when we die?
    Where does the Spirit within us go?
    Is it wrong to be cremated?
    Some people believe that the dead person “watches over us who are alive?
    Who will go to heaven? Where is heaven?
    Why would someone go to hell? Can we do anything so that we don’t go to hell?
    Will we see our pets in heaven?
    What does the Bible say about hell?
    What does the Bible say about “End Times?” How can I prepare myself so that God can be merciful so that I get to heaven?
    Thanks and every Blessing to you!

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