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The Gospel According to Abraham Series


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A 4,000-Year-Old Example of the Good News of Jesus Christ

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It is critical that we rightly comprehend the important biblical themes of grace, faith, forgiveness and good works. God goes to great lengths in his word to sort these out for us and explain how they fit together in his plan of salvation. In light of what’s at stake, we cannot afford to misunderstand any of these important components relating to the central message of the Bible. In this five-part study of Romans 4, Pastor Mike explores the essential features of the New Testament gospel from an Old Testament perspective. 

The Gospel According to Abraham–Part 1 Making Sense of Abraham’s Faith & Works Romans 4:1-5
The Gospel According to Abraham–Part 2 Celebrating Unearned Forgiveness Romans 4:6-8
The Gospel According to Abraham–Part 3 Rethinking Outward Signs & Inward Realities Romans 4:9-12
The Gospel According to Abraham–Part 4 Seeing Salvation as an Inheritance Romans 4:13-17
The Gospel According to Abraham–Part 5 Experiencing the Hope of Faith Romans 4:18-25


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