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What’s Your Problem? Series


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A Study on the Sinfulness of Sin

SKU: 08-problem Category: Date: 6/29/2008 Scripture: Romans 1:18-32 Tags: , , , , , , ,


Most people think they are basically “good people.” However, in God’s eyes we have earned his wrath.  We have a problem and that problem is sin. In this seven-part study, Pastor Mike looks at the sinfulness of sin from Romans 1:18-32. 

What’s Your Problem-Part 1 Sin & God’s Necessary Aversion to It Romans 1:18
What’s Your Problem-Part 2 Sin & God’s Universal Campaign Against It Romans 1:19-20
What’s Your Problem-Part 3 Sin & Its Deceitfulness Romans 1:21-23
What’s Your Problem-Part 4 Sin & God’s Temporary Concession Romans 1:24-25
What’s Your Problem-Part 5 Sin & Sexual Deviance Romans 1:26-27
What’s Your Problem-Part 6 Sin & Unholy Thinking Romans 1:28-29a
What’s Your Problem-Part 7 Sin & Unrighteous Behavior Romans 1:29b-32


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