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  1. Hi Mike,
    I listen to Focal Point radio on HopeFm 90.5. while I’m working. I work in a physicians office in Mount Laurel, NJ. While you were making scripture verse references to your teaching I was looking up a verse from a message I heard from Buddy Osborne at Rock Ministries in Philadelphia, PA. The verse I was looking up was 1 Timothy 1:5. Simultaniously, as I was wanting to read that verse, I heard you begin to make reference to that portion of scripture. You were reading as I began reading; God’s omnipresence.
    The Lord is so good. I just wanted you to know that He used you in my life today. I’m a volunteer pastoral assistant in my local church. Thanks.

    Grace & Peace

  2. The former mayor N.Y. Ruddy is just saying what many of us have thought or are thinking.
    I have been wondering if it will take a beheading somewhere here in our country before Obama will admit that Islam is a real threat. Will we be fighting extremists in our hometown streets and he will be stile making excuses for them? Maybe by then they will have disarmed us so that they can do whatever they wish to us. Just asking ?

  3. I just listened to this broadcast moments ago and it is exactly the encouragement I needed to help me get thur today. I mean about every comment made about the game of life and the reality of life the man of God said is true for me. I know that God loves me and heres my prayer especially when He uses a radio broadcast and complete strangers to speak a message that brought encouragement, hope, and a sense of understanding to my mind, soul, and spirit. That helps me to go on another day in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you all for serving God and Gods people. You helped me not to give up and to keep hoping in the Lord. Im not alone. God bless!

  4. God bless you and this Ministry.
    I, like Dean (upper contributor) had been waiting for a break-thru. Today, while listening to your broadcast I received it.
    My friend, it was like a properly fitting and finishing cap.
    I, truly thank you. Keep on, keeping on, let the Lord use you!
    and you His Word. We need you. R.Kelly

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