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Christ’s Kingdom Forecast-Part 2

Christ’s Kingdom Forecast-Part 2

We ought to expect a turbulent and hostile experience as we seek to stand with Christ and advance his cause in this world, remaining resolute, unafraid, and confident in God’s promise of ultimate deliverance.

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  1. Hi ,
    Another great message. Doyou think their will be more martys than no in heaven? None of us will know until we are in that situation. Both Peter & Paul met with Christ. One denied and one did not.
    What about being the faithful husband of 1 wife for 32 years so far? Being a faithful employee for many years?
    About being a loving Dad fo 27 yrs?
    About stopping and helping a stranger who has run out of gas?
    What about just being thankful to God?
    About being in God’s Word daily.
    Making mistakes and turning to God for His mercy & forgiveness.
    The Holy Spirit will help us if we were to face martyrdom.

    Bible Study guy
    Mike Bend OR

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