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Questions & Answers 2017-Part 2

Questions & Answers 2017-Part 2

Pastor Mike answers questions on the Bible, God and Christianity

Questions in this service:

1. Does Satan think he can win this battle against God?
2. Why does Paul seem to make an extreme point about 2 people not being unequally yoked?
3. Why is God referred to as the father of Abraham and not Abram; Jacob and not Israel?
4. What is it look like for Christians to show love for LGBT people?
5. Question regarding the giving of the Spirit as referenced in Luke and discussed by A.W. Tozer.
6. Continuation vs. cessation as related to spiritual gifts.
7. Does going without drink mean they gave up alcohol?
8. Is the battle on homosexuality about inerrancy?
9. Does the 3rd Jewish Temple need to be rebuilt before the Rapture?
10. Are there other sons of God other than Jesus?
11. Does God impose His will on man?
12. How do we discern if we are being disciplined by God or being misled by evil?
13. How do we deal with people that are addicted to drugs?


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