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Questions & Answers 2017-Part 3

Questions & Answers 2017-Part 3

Pastor Mike answers questions on the Bible, God and Christianity

Questions in this service:

1. Why did God create us?
2. How old is the age of the universe and world and how many days did it take to make the world?
3. Acts 19 – discuss why some people had not received the Holy Spirit at this time?
4. How do I tell a brother he might make me stumble by exposing me to a temptation I had fought in the past?
5. Modalism – is that a heresy? Are people saved who believe in modalism?
6. Homosexuality – can a person be an active homosexual and still be a Christian?
7. Pentecostal – how do you respond to their claims?
8. What does the fullness of the Gentiles means?
9. How can you speak biblically to parents seeking divorce that are non-believers?
10. The fear of the Lord – does it make a difference to everyone in their belief?
11. How did denominations come about? Who came first, the Jews or Gentiles?
12. Why did God create me if he knew I was going to be a failure?
13. Can a person be baptized multiple times in water?
14. Daughter wants to marry a Catholic – what book would help her see the problem in being unequally yoked?
15. Concerning the rapture and children… what will happen to the children?


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