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Questions & Answers 2018-Part 1

Questions & Answers 2018-Part 1

Pastor Mike answers questions on the Bible, God and Christianity

Questions in this service:


1. Responding to questions on Social Media as to when to present the Gospel Message
2. Trichotomy verses dichotomy
3. How can you tell if your child has repentance from will or repentance from God that leads to salvation.
4. Please explain the order of events of the last days and where the believer fits in as to when they are with the Lord.
5. Question relating to God’s vengeance and man’s vengeance.
6. Thoughts on divorce and remarriage.
7. Losing your salvation verses keeping your salvation.
8. Please Explain Paul’s Position when he talks about being apart from Jesus on the topic of marriage.
9. The topic of those born still (in death). The Pre-Born.
10. Someone thinks their dead relative is talking to them.
11. Previous small group conversation relating to the resurrection. What are your thoughts on cremation.
12. What happens to conscientiousness after returning to life such as Lazarus.
13. 33% of people in US believe there is a coming civil war. What should the churches response be to this?


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