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Bible Study

Bible Study

Second Timothy 2:15 records God’s call to “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” This well-needed reminder shows us that accurately assessing God’s direction from the Bible won’t always be easy. It is open to shameful mishandling. It will require our best efforts. It will often feel like hard work. But the good news is the payoff is always well worth the effort.


Proverbs tells us that mining God’s words will be like extracting silver and taking possession of a once hidden treasure (2:1-7). The result of thoughtful, diligent and sound Bible study will end up being for you “sweeter than honey” and “more precious than gold” (Ps.19:10). So don’t believe the myth that acquiring God’s mind on the issues of your life will only require a few snippets of time and effort. Instead, get excited about rolling up your sleeves and pulling up a chair to fully engage your faculties in the rewarding work of biblical research.

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  1. This is so true because when I make serious efforts to study God’s word deeply I always come away with more understanding and knowledge of our great God.and his precepts. At Compass Bible Church there is no excuse for not digging deep into God’s word. There are many offerings in which to do that. Of course, it does take diligence and effort and “hard work” as Pastor Mike mentioned. Here are some ways to be involved in deeper study at CBC: go through Partners or take someone through if you already have, attend CLASS (for adults-younger if they want to!), attend Compass Night in the Fall, teach in KIDS Ministry (you will learn more than you can ever impart in a class time to the kids!), join WBS or MBS and go through the studies diligently, attend Equipped Conferences here on campus, join a Home Fellowship Group to learn from other’s study of the sermon questions, be a small group leader in Junior or Senior High because they are going to ask questions and you need to be studied up to give them the correct biblical answer to help them grow. The list goes on, so get involved in some way and be an asset to the body of CBC.

  2. Thanks Pastor! Just like a physical workout, there are good days and bad days but it with the “keepin’ on…” the fruit will be well worth all the tears. Maranatha Lord Jesus, Maranatha!!!

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