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God’s Truth

God’s Truth

The Bible is full of severe and hard realities. Its propositions aren’t fuzzy or soft; they’re strong, stern and unambiguous. Its heroes aren’t hailed for being sensitive and emotional; they’re lauded for being principled, unyielding, zealous warriors who unapologetically stand up for what is right. Its assessments and judgments do not oscillate based on feelings, sentiments, syndromes or disorders.


The strategies of today’s defense attorneys, which sway acquiescent juries would never have worked for Israel’s ruling elders, the New Testament’s apostles, Church history’s councils, and they certainly will not work at the forthcoming Great White Throne Judgment. Like many other things that we’d prefer to be more malleable, but by nature cannot be, the truth is what it is and God’s revealed instructions are not up for negotiation. Yes, there is grace for sinners, but God’s mercy and grace are dispensed according to his clearly prescribed terms.


The Bible is replete with warnings about the futility of gambling on the hope that what God has inscribed is transient, provincial, or mere suggestion. So don’t allow our culture’s relativistic droning impair your sobriety or diminish your respect for the absolute truthfulness of God’s truth.


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