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As you read through the Psalms you will see the repeated, simple and effective prayer of a righteous man. It is a prayer I hope you pray regularly. It is a prayer that reveals your heart of dependence on God for your life, your protection and your future. I mentioned that this prayer is simple. Actually it is extremely simple – two words in our English Bibles. The prayer: “Help me!” (Ps.38:22; 40:13; 59:4; 109:26; et al.) The inspired Psalms led God’s people to pray this simple prayer regularly in their songs of worship. It should be our song hour by hour. Few things are more worshipful than declaring our continual dependence on God as our Sustainer, Protector and Guide. To be consciously reliant on our Creator for all things is simply a truthful awareness of reality. Scripture repeatedly reminds us that we are finite, dependent and needy. For in reality, God “gives all men life and breath and everything else” (Ac.17:25). May God help us to always be mindful of this, calling frequently on God to grant us his wisdom and help.


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