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Most of us at, one point or another, have said in frustration “I hate money!” While that may sound better than the alternative which is prohibited in Scripture (1Tim.6:10), it is obviously not how God would have us live. God knows we will have to function in a world run with money. He also knows we will encounter all the problems and temptations that come with it. But God would have us master this potentially unruly aspect of life and not be mastered by it.


“Master it,” not by achieving some kind of “independently wealthy” status, but by working with God’s Spirit to keep all its related temptations and frustrations from taking hold of our hearts. Because, as many can testify, a bigger income doesn’t neutralize money’s problem – it usually magnifies it! The biblical goal is contentment! True contentment may be an illusive aspect of godliness, but, as Paul wrote, it holds the promise of real “gain” (1Tim.6:6). Contentment is antithetical to worry, anxiety, greed and covetousness. That alone should provide us with ample motivation.


So today, let’s take stock of the gifts God has given. Let us, with God’s help, untangle our hearts from the discouragement and pain that comes from a heightened focus on our financial challenges. Let us live self-controlled and contented lives that trust in God and not the things he provides.

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