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The Bible has a lot to say about God’s “good purpose” (Phil.2:13, Heb.6:17). It seems that on every other page we read of another instance of God working out his predetermined plan (Eph.1:9-11). As Christians, it would be hard to reflect the virtues of God without being a man or a woman with a “planner” in hand. We see in Scripture that a godly person is one who “plans to work then works the plan” as they say (cf. 2Cor.1:17). All too often we don’t accomplish half of the good that we could, not because we fail to work but because we fail to plan.


So be sure to stop in a quiet place today or tomorrow and write down the answers to these simple questions:  “What good should I do for the glory of Christ? …this week?  …this month?  …this year?” You might find that as God enables you to “work the plan” that you have actually accomplished far more for his glory than you could ever asked or imagined (cf. Eph.3:18-21).

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