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Respect the Elderly

Respect the Elderly

There is a little verse tucked away in the book of Leviticus that reveals an oft-neglected value among those making a claim to godliness. We often miss these seemingly obscure biblical insights because we read much of the Old Testament as wholly obsolete for our new covenant Christian lives. While it is true that Christ has fulfilled the ceremonial rules of the Mosaic Law, so much of what God revealed to the early Israelite shows us his eternal values and changeless character.


Consider Leviticus 19:32, “Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly.” Many would consider standing when an older person enters the room as some kind of stodgy formalism or just a cute southern tradition, but according to Leviticus 19, such gestures of respect are essential for those who desire to “revere the Lord” (v.32b). God tells us that the elderly among us should be granted our esteem, if for nothing else, because God has granted them grace to live to a “good old age” (Gen.25:8).


Of course, in most cases there is much more for which they should be respected. Their many years of life-experience and accumulated wisdom should be a cause for our sincere expressions of respect (Job 12:12). So the next time a “senior” walks into your presence, may God’s value of the aged prompt you to sincerely convey your kindness and admiration.

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  1. That seems to be one of those forgotten rules to follow by many of the present generation. As ambassadors for Christ this show of respect should come natural to us.

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